As everyone knows, Amsterdam is city of bikes. I actually read somewhere that there are more bikes than habitants and every year many bikes end up in the canal:)

Well, of course, the first thing to do was to find a bike. I joined many Facebook groups to find second hand bike. The decision to get second hand bike was made based on recommendations from colleagues who told me that the bikes are stolen all the time, so the worst bike better. It might not be stolen so fast ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I searched for bikes with handbrakes as I was not so sure about pedal brake. At the end I bought pedal break bike at the second hand market. I made a good deal 80e including two locks.

I was so excited to use it next day to get to work. When I took my bike in the morning, of course my tire got flat :(so after one day from purchase I already had to go to the repair shop and pay to get the whole new tire for 40e. Let’s say that I did not check the bike properly when buying at the market as the tire was quite old. Well, first lesson learned.

For some days, my bike was working fine but one day I wanted to use the bike to go to park, but I could not open my lock. Weird enough, I realised that someone was actually trying to open it without key! Of course, I could not open it with the key either because someone destroy the lock. OK, second visit of the repair shop within one month. The guy told me that I can bring the bike to the shop so he can open the lock for me. Obviously my bike was connected to the bike rail so no possibility to move it anywhere. Then he said that if he has to come to my bike, it will be 40e (it was like 20 meters from the shop). The last thing he suggested when he saw my face was to go to the shop and get something to open lock myself.

Great! I did not have much choice so I got tools in the shop and ask my partner to help me to open it. At the end he managed and I had to invest another 50e in a new lock.

Overall, within a month I already spend more money in the repair shop that to buy a new bike! I guess this is part of Amsterdam life experience:)



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