We have a water turtle name BURGIS for 4 years and when we decided to relocate to Amsterdam, obviously the question raised:

What are we going to do with Burgis?

amsterdam turtle

We asked our Vet and she was not aware of any regulations to bring such a pet to the Netherlands. She suggested checking the official Government website to see if we can find more info. And we did!

The Spanish Embassy in Amsterdam informed us that we have to contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to get further details.

I attach a link here from the main website if you want to see more info about pet transport.

Turtle Passport

We found out that our turtle has to have official Chip and International passport for exotic animals (basically the same as if you are travelling with dogs or cats).

So we went back to our Vet and asked for Chip and passport, at the end and after few weeks we managed to get both and we were also officially registered as owners:)

Let’s say that people made fun of us when we said that we are going to take turtle with us, but for us, it is a like member of the family.

She took flight with us in her transport box and when we went through security, she had to pass through control:).

We even bought her new huge aquarium which we sent with our stuff so when we arrived she had a huge home with view over the garden.

It was not easy, but we managed and I am sure Burgis is happy with her new home and view.

turtle relocated to Amsterdam


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