5 Secret Places Barcelona


Top 5 Secret Places in Barcelona – Updated 2024

Do you get bored with seeing the same tourist spots when you visit Catalonia’s capital? 

Then you are ready for our list of the top 5 secret places in Barcelona. Get ready!

We have a lot to say about Barcelona, but this time we want to tell you about our favorite places there.

Yes, the hidden gems of Barcelona, which you might not find in any traditional travel guide, are waiting for you, Be prepared.

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Why we are sharing these places with you if they are secret?

Our desire is to show you Barcelona from a different perspective. There are more than the classic touristic places like La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Casa Milà – La Pedrera, and Las Ramblas Street.

Of course, when you are coming to Barcelona for the first time, you should first visit all the traditional touristic places

When you get to the point that you want to see something else without crowds of tourists, you are ready to visit these secret places in Barcelona.

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Grab our Barcelona Travel Checklist and Let the adventure begin!

barcelona checklist

Let’s go back to our hidden gems of Barcelona and show you the best of this beautiful city from a local perspective.

1. Carmel Bunkers – Secret places barcelona

If you want to see the whole city of Barcelona, this is a place for you. Carmel Bunkers is a really hidden gem as you can find them on the top of the hill Turó de la Rovira and not very close to Barcelona city centre.  The best part about the Carmel Bunkers is an amazing 360º city view.

This place was originally used as antiaircraft warfare during the Spanish Civil War. You can still find some destroyed parts of bunkers with a short explanation about the history of this place.

Nowadays, it’s a great viewpoint and great secret place for a sunset, just beautiful!

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View from The Carmel Bunkers

2. Labyrinth Park Horta – Secret places barcelona

Located on the North part of the city, Labyrinth Park of Horta is one of the hidden gems of Barcelona. This park is actually the oldest garden in Barcelona and it has a long history.

The best element of the park is the labyrinth, a series of tall hedges that link together in a maze formation. It is the best place to lose yourself in a real-life labyrinth and forget everything.

It is open 7 days a week and there is a small admission fee of 2,23 EUR (2023 price) but it  is free on Wednesdays and Sundays.

que-ver-en-barcelona- secret-places-barcelona
Labyrinth Park of Horta in Barcelona

3. Antic Theatre – Secret places barcelona

Antic Theatre is totally hidden urban place located close to the popular Palau de la Música. The Theatre is attached to the stunning terrace where you can sit surrounded by the classic buildings of the old part of Barcelona.

It is a perfect secret place in Barcelona for refreshment in the summer far away from the city noise. Every time we visited this place, we found a great vibe so we totally recommend it!

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4. Greek Theatre Gardens (Jardins del Teatre Grec)

Our next secret place of Barcelona is dedicated to Garden lovers. Greek Theatre Gardens are located in Montjuic Hill and they were built for the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona.

Nowadays, the place is used for the Grec Festival during the summer months. The rest of the year, the gardens and theatre are both opened to the public and it is a great hidden place for reading a book and escape from the city.

Greek Theatre Gardens in Barcelona

5.The Chocolate Museum  – Secret places barcelona

Our favourite hidden place in Barcelona especially if you love chocolate like us.

The Chocolate Museum is located in the historic part of the city and beside the fact that you can taste delicious chocolate, you can also discover the chocolate history and its origins in Europe.

This museum is actually one of the smallest museums in Barcelona and even if it is located in the city centre, it is a bit hidden from all touristic attractions.

Our recommendation, come here during the winter and get hot chocolate, it will change everything:).

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

This was our last recommendation for secret places in Barcelona and we hope that you find your spot to visit next time you are going to come here.

There are many other hidden gems of Barcelona, so feel free to share your secrets.

These five places are for us the ones we really love and visit every time we come to Barcelona (we moved away in 2018 but you never know:)).

Where to stay in Barcelona

We usually get many questions and recommendations about where to stay in Barcelona. We thought about the best answer for you however we realized that it is very individual as someone wants to stay close to the beach and someone close to the main square.

We decided to recommend some neighbourhoods which we feel are the best for your stay in Barcelona.

Let’s start with the Eixample neighbourhood where we lived for a few years. It is actually divided into two main subareas: Eixample Esquerra (left) and Eixample Dreta (right). We love this area as it is full of restaurants, bars, shopping areas and historic monuments. You can actually find the most popular attractions here such as Sagrada Familia or La Pedrera.

Find the best accommodation in Barcelona Eixample below on the map!


Our next recommendation for accommodation in Barcelona is the Barrio Gotico ( Gothic Quarter) area. It is a neighbourhood where you can lose yourself in the little streets and feel like in Medieval time. The famous attraction which we should mention is definitely Barcelona Catedral.

Don’t get confused about the Sagrada Familia and the Catedral of Barcelona. The Cathedral of Barcelona is located on Pla de la Seu square and it is dedicated to the Martyr Santa Eulalie, which is the co-patron saint of Barcelona with the Virgin of Mercy.

Most of the tourists know Sagrada Familia and sometimes it is called Catedral so that’s why we wanted to make it clear.

If you are fun of tiny streets with many small cafe shops everywhere, Barrio Gotico is the area for your accommodation.

Check the map below to find your accommodation with fancy Cathedral view.


Conclusions – Secret places barcelona

As we recall our good times in Barcelona, ​​we leave you with a whispered secret: hidden gems exist everywhere, even in Barcelona

In this vibrant city, we’ve shared five of our favorite secret places, revealing a side of Barcelona that few get to see. From hidden museums to nice viewpoints, these discoveries remind us that the most extraordinary experiences often lie just off the beaten path.

So, go forth, explore with curiosity, and uncover your own hidden treasures in this enchanting city. Barcelona awaits, ready to reward those who seek its secrets.

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