Looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate your birthday or anniversary?

We would like to recommend one great restaurant in Amsterdam which has a nice concept and its perfect for special occasions DE KAS.

This restaurant has a different concept as they create different menus based on the fresh ingredients which grow on their garden. The taste of the herbs and vegetables is amazing and trust me if I say that the taste is totally different when you buy it from the supermarket.

We went there in the middle of August and the Menu was mainly based on vegetables. At night you can choose from the Menu with 5 dishes or Menu with 6 dishes. The difference between the menus is that with 6 dishes you have extra dessert.

organic restaurant in Amsterdam De Kas

Here are the prices for Dinner Menus: (there are different prices for Lunch Menus)

Menu with 5 dishes – 52,50 EUR

Menu with 6 dishes – 60 EUR

*(Drinks are not included)

When you arrive at the restaurant, they welcome you and show you around the garden where they grow all vegetables and herbs. See the picture below from veggie garden.


Vegetable Garden

The first thing which arrives at your table together with the Wine Menu is homemade bread + butter and small appetizer – Fried Tapioca + basil–celery mayo.


Fried Tapioca with basil-celery mayo

As an extra appetizer, they offer us Oysters with Lemon and shallot vinaigrette which was a great choice! Fresh and great start of the Menu, totally recommended.


Oysters with Lemon and shallot vinaigrette

The first dish of the official Menu was Tomato Salad (Green Gazpacho, Burrata, Cucumber). Very fresh and the taste of the vegetables was really good.


Tomato salad

The Menu continued with Beetroot dish (Granola, Black Garlic, Smoked Beetroot vinaigrette). I am actually not a big fun of Beetroot so they made me a different dish with potatoes, also very tasty.


Beetroot dish

One of the best dishes of the Menu was the next dish – Roasted Cauliflower (egg yolk, mushroom, dashi beurre blanc). We already had this dish last year when we visited the restaurant and it was delicious again!


Roasted Cauliflower

The next dish is the Main dish of the Menu and only one with meat – Glazed Procureur (Green beans, Mustard, Ginger, Basil).


Glazed Procureur

At this stage you are already pretty full so here comes the question, if you have enough space for one or two desserts:)

We opted for Menu of 5 dishes and 1 different dessert for each person.

  • Chevre Mousse (Melon, Toast, Goat cheese)

Chevre Mousse

  • Marinated Dutch blackberries (Green Tea sorbet, lemongrass foam, coconut crumble)

Marinated Dutch blackberries

There is one nice touch when you are leaving the restaurant as you can take apple home as a present:)


Overall, the experience was unique and we really recommend it!

Here is the location of the restaurant: Location

Which restaurant is your favourite in Amsterdam?

Share with us your favourite restaurant, why is the best one for you so we can discover more hidden restaurants in Amsterdam.

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