Where you can eat great chicken with nice craft beer in Amsterdam?

We found a few places where you must eat roasted chicken in Amsterdam as it is really delicious.

must eat in amsterdam

Bier Fabriek in Amsterdam

The first place is BIER FABRIEK.

must eat in amsterdam

It is a brewery and restaurant together and they brew their own beer.

Our tip is definitely Roasted Farm chicken with french fries. It is marinated for 24h in olive oil and fresh herbs, just delicious!

Another great thing about this place is that they give you free peanuts and you can throw the shells on the floor. I don’t know any other place in Amsterdam where you can do this and I love it:)

Here you can find the location.

The Dirty Chicken Club

The second place we can recommend is THE DIRTY CHICKEN CLUB

chiken dirty2

This place is super cosy and you find amazing graffiti on the walls.

The tip for this place is Korean Fried Chicken wings and french fries. You can also choose from different homemade sauces if you want to add extra spiciness.

There is also one speciality and that is the whole Chicken sitting on the beer can, see below:)

must eat in amsterdam

Here you can find the location.

Chicken Bar

The last place we recommend for delicious chicken in Amsterdam is the Chicken Bar.

They offered roasted chicken with original Vleminckx fries, just delicious for a fair price.

All places are in the city centre of Amsterdam, close to the Red light district so if you are around, remember to stop by and have some nice chicken.

Are you coming to Amsterdam and you are not sure what to do and see?

Check this Tour and more to discover Amsterdam your own way!

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